Call us for details on a RoadNames Group for your FLH model. Group includes a Dashboard Panel, Tour-Pak Top Panel and Back Panel, a Shifter Link and a License Plate Badge.

Dashboard and Tour-Pak Panels will be stainless steel with black graphics and text; Shifter Link insert and License Plate Badge will be black anodized aluminum with ashy grey graphics and text. We can put any text and design you want on these in any font style you like. Price for one of our stock collections, like Smoke & Bones shown here, is $475.00.

Go beyond "custom." Personalize your Harley Davidson with RoadNames!

"Here are a few photo's I took with the parts installed that you made for me. They look great and they also get a lot of looks. I couldn't be happier with them. They accent the bike great and quite honestly look fantastic. I am so pleased with the quality and the fit. Everything was exact and I had no problems at all putting the parts on. Thank you again for such good work and I really appreciate how fast I got everything. If you decide to make some other items please let me know I would be very interested."

John "Gunner" Hire
Americas Guardians Motorcycle Club
National Board Of Directors
National Advisor
A.G.M.C Silver Star recipient
"The Mission Continues"

It came yesterday!!! I was like a little kid getting a new bicycle! Great job, Vance; I love it. In a business world filled with lousy service, it was refreshing to work with you; fast, friendly service and a quality product. ....I think you're about to get a lot more business. I'm a 'frequent flyer' on, and after posting photos of my new shift linkage, I've had many inquiries regarding where I got it. In fact, some of them are from other recovering alcoholics that want a piece similar to the one you made for me. 'Good things happen to people who do Good things.'

Randy (the recovering alcoholic)
Hi Vance, 
Finally the bike is out , I just thought I would send you a pic of the shifter . It looks Great and we are very pleased with it .
Have A Great Weekend!
Karen Coty
"Here are a couple of photos I took of the shifter installed on my bike. I’ve already had a couple of very good reactions to the shifter linkage and at least one member of my fire company who may be interested in something like mine. Again, thanks for a quality and good looking product as well as the great service and communication. Finally, I appreciate the return policy, but from what I’ve seen, it’s not going to be necessary!" 

"Here are some pics (FINALLY!!!) of the sweet shift linkage from RoadNames. I love it! I've gotten great comments on it. It's a great touch to the bike. I couldn't have asked for anything any better or more custom than that! Thanks again for the awesome customer service and great product. Anytime someone asks about where I got it, I'm always sure to pass your website info along to them."

Thanks again!
Cade "The Undertaker" Hartwig
"Vance, here is picture of shifter link ---- took a little bit of work to get it on because Harley uses Yellow Lok-tite ---- so big pain in the ass to get theirs off. Lots of compliments on it this weekend at a bike run. Thanks again and (we) should be getting with you for more."

Thanks, Gus
"I thought you would appreciate a picture of my bike with the new paint job and the shifter linkage you created for me installed. Again thanks, it really helps to complete the bike."

Hello Vance,

Thank you! I received the shift bar earlier this week and it looks great. I'm showing off the Bar (shifter link) to anyone who swings by my office and so far it's been unanimous - it's great and Ty will love it! Again, thanks for everything - we definitely appreciate your time and efforts on this project.

Miguel R. Flores
CW2, Legal Administrator
Department of Military Affairs
Hey Vance,

We just wanted to thank you for the awesome job you did for us ! It came in the mail yesterday morning,(Xmas Eve) we wrapped it and he opened it within about 4 hours, So you did awesome....
He LOVED it and so did we. THANK YOU SO MUCH.  
Howdy Vance,
I got the linkage on Friday and installed same day.
I am VERY happy with it and all of my friends who are "Firefly" literate think it is just great, the perfect touch for the bike.
I will recommend you whenever anyone asks, and thanks again.
Hi Vance,
The shifter looks and works great and was easy to install. I thank 
you for your good work and the time that you took to figure out the 
brand. Love your product, hope it generates more orders from up 
Thanks again.
 Fred Harms

Shame on me for not getting back to you earlier! HE LOVED IT!!
Feel free to use my name as a satisfied customer.

Thanks again,
Betsy Metcalf


If you are not 100% satisfied with your RoadNamesTM Product for any reason, return it to us within 30 days for a full refund. After 30 days, if you have any problems with your RoadNamesTM Product, return it to us with a description of what happened for a free replacement. RoadNames does NOT warranty rod ends.

Contact us at 1-877-673-6263 or [email protected] for return shipping authorization info.
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